LOST SKI TRAILS-PART 1(next week part 2)

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There are still many ski trails in our Laurentian hills. So many I can’t even guess how many kilometres we still have. Some of our trails are relatively new and some predate even Jack Rabbit.


However, many trails have disappeared. The most common reason that we loose trails is residential or commercial development. Often it’s just a new landowner who brings a city type of attitude of private ownership of property to our forests. Occasionally it’s a landowner who has an axe to grind with some level of government. One great destroyer of trails was simply the winter clearing of roads and the creation of others like the Laurentian autoroute in the 60s.

Laurentians 1939

I have made up a list of some of the trails that have disappeared over the years. Here is my little list-PART one-, which is the upper Laurentian- by general area:

Tremblant Area: Daw’s ridge; Bandurant

Sainte-Agathe: Huber (near the campground)

Val David and Val Morin: Casgrain; Highland; Vanier; Expert; Omaney

Sainte-Marguerite: Diffendorf; Corkscrew; Cochand; Sheppard; Beaton; Oulawan

Sainte-Adele: Alpine; Gascon; Baldy; Viking; Cross Cut; Desjardins; WOC

Well, I know where most of these trails were because the maps from the past show them in a reasonably precise fashion, but if you would like me to tell you where any of them were I would be glad to.

Please send me more names for the list with any info that you might have.

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lily - 17 January 2016 Reply

the loken trail is gone.

Chris - 22 January 2016 Reply

I think its a bit premature to say that it is lost at this point.

joslyn biggins - 22 February 2016 Reply

I am trying to find maps for skiing on the Jackrabbit Johansen trail between St Adolphe and Ste Agathe. I understand there is a backcountry cabin that can be rented. Is it possible to ski from town to town? We are a family of 4, familiar with the Petit Train du Nord. We would like to ski from village to village for 3 nights, including the backcountry cabin. Do you have any tips or suggestions? Thank you!

Michelle Sullivan - 5 January 2017 Reply

I’m one of those “city type” new landowners. As much as I respect and value the history of the land I’ve purchased, and would love to share the enjoyment, I have not only to contend with the realities of insurance coverage, but also with the carelessness of those who venture onto my land. I’ve dealt with vandalism/damage to property/theft/illegal fires, disposed of used condoms and cleaned up more garbage and broken glass than I care to remember. It was with regret that I installed “private property” signs on my land this year. If I could count on others to respect the land as much as I do and leave it undisturbed, this wouldnt have been necessary. I agree, it’s a shame. Wanted to express the landowner’s perspective. Thanks.

Guy Lavigueur - 13 May 2019 Reply

Good day,
I am looking for Laurentian cross-country ski maps from the 1930s to the 2000s
Do you know where these maps could be viewed and reproduced?
Or, maybe you know a map collector of Laurentian ski courses.

I have skied cross-country trails the Morin-Heights area from 1993 to 1999.

I am preparing an artistic project in the Laurentians and I am interested in the means of transportation before and after the construction of the major roads.

Thanks for any help


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